Monday, November 19, 2012


I have a dry erase board on my refrigerator. Usually I write my grocery list on it, take a picture then use the picture at the store, like this:

 and like this:

I don't always use the board for practical reasons. I consider myself a world-class doodler, sometimes inspiration strikes and I use my dry-erase board to express my emotions. 

For example, here is a picture of our High School mascot with a baseball in his mouth literally "flipping the bird." 
 I made this drawing for Chris when the baseball team was playing a championship game:

And once during Fall I drew a picture of Edgar Allen Poe:

 There is a great website called Free Crappy Portraits that creates a unique portrait of you based on fun facts about yourself, and a picture you send in. I felt inspired by this great website and created a dry-erase masterpiece that would show Chris how awesome I thought he was........

A shirtless, rock-star Chris.....riding a unicorn.
He was extremely impressed.


  1. This brings me back to the drawings from the bowling alley :-)

    1. Yes!! We still have those....I need to post them! Miss you friend!!!